Events on: Sat, Jun 22, 2024
Mixed My FM Qual (2/2) All Day Event

Event Summary

Mixed My FM Qualifier

Round 1 Start Saturday, June 1st

Round 2 Start Sunday, June 22nd


Tournament to be held at Mississippi Golf Club on July 20th.


The UVGA mixed Competition is also an 18-hole, Chapman style event in which a team of couples from Mississippi competes against teams from the following clubs: Island Brae, Arnprior, Renfrew, Pembroke, Deep River and Petawawa. Mississippi is represented by the 7 couples with the best gross scores from either of two Chapman style qualifying rounds where both players tee off, then play each others next shot, then proceed to select the best shot and play alternately until the ball is holed. This Competition is usually played on the third weekend in July and rotates between participating clubs from year to year.
Mixed Gunn Trophy All Day Event

Registration Deadline: Saturday, June 22, 2024

DrawType: Regular
Start Time: 11:00 am

The Gunn Trophy is an 18-hole, team (male and female) chapman event. Each team member hits from the tee.  Each team member hits a second shot with his partner’s ball.  The player whose second shot is not selected plays the third shot, and then shots are alternated between the two team members until the ball is holed. Team net scores are calculated by subtracting 40 per cent of a couple’s combined handicap from the gross score. The tournament is usually played in July.