Events on: Sat, Sep 14, 2024
Ladies Stanley Sanitation Event 11am All Day Event

Stanley Sanitation 4 Ball Better Ball - Saturday, September 11th

General Description: 

This is an 18-hole 2-person team competition sponsored by Stanley Sanitation.   All participants play their own ball, and the best net score from each 2-person team is recorded on each hole (handicap strokes are taken on each hole according to the player's handicap and the score card rating for the hole).  The team with the lowest net score is declared the winner.  A plaque is awarded at the Closing Event, and prizes are also awarded on the day of the event.  Players can sign-up as a team or as a single – in which case the Tournament Committee will pair up singles to make a 2-person team.  Groups will be set up by the Tournament Committee and posted on the online booking system by Thursday prior to the event. 

Sign-upSheets will be posted in the ladies’ lounge three weeks prior to the event

Deadline: Entries close on the Sunday preceding the event

Cost: See pre-payment form

Contact: Ladies Captain/Co-Captain,