This is a member benefit. Try out these courses!


We have reciprocal agreements with 6 golf courses at this time. They are Brockville Golf and Country Club, Pakenham Golf Club, Calabogie Highlands, Renfrew Golf Club, Sand Point Golf Club, and Perth Golf Club. We are able to send up to 4 players to each of these courses each day. In turn, they can send up to 4 players to play Mississippi each day.


The cost to play are as follows:

  • Brockville $25 plus taxes (no cart included)
  • Pakenham $25 plus taxes (no cart included)
  • Calabogie $25 plus taxes (no cart included)
  • Renfrew $25 plus taxes (no cart included) or ($40 plus taxes with cart)
  • Perth $25 plus taxes (no cart included)
  • Arnprior $25 plus taxes (no cart included)

The cost for their players to play Mississippi is $25 plus taxes (no cart included)

You can arrange to play by having our pro shop call and make the tee time (Do Not call on your own). You can only book 2 days in advance at each of these courses and play is subject to availability any given day.

The new World Handicap System (WHS) came into effect on January 1st, 2020.


WHS Newsletters - click here


Club Presentation (from Golf Ontario)

  1. You can click on this link of a voice-over recording of the club presentation:
    1. The Club presentation is 26 minutes and can be paused/stopped and re-watched at any time as it is available on our YouTube Channel. We highly recommend sending this link to your members prior to our season starting. It highlights the major changes in the WHS that all members who carry a Handicap Index need to know. Obviously, at this time we don’t know exactly when the start of the season will be, but we do in good time we will be playing golf again. The presentation is easy to follow and includes some infographics to make the material more relatable and easy to understand.
    2. Attached is an FAQ document to help provide more clarity around the changes in the WHS (World Handicap System). For FAQ's click on WHS FAQ

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