2022 Season


Fred and Judy Hunter

Al and Colleen Seabrook

Rick Udall and Lila James

Rod Ayotte and Caroline Kealey

Reg Plaster and Nedda Munro

Ken and Sue Maheral

Stan Loach and Danielle Dube-Loach


Don Green and Gay Wilson

Daryl Craig and Wanda MacKinnon


2021 Season


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2020 Season


My FM Results from Qualifiers

June 14th, 2020 and June 27th, 2020


Team 1. Brian and Tracey Wilson – 72/DNP

Team 2. Fred and Judy Hunter – 77/81

Team 3. Bob Lemenchick and Lila James – 77/DNP

Team 4. Dave and Brenda Hart – 81/82

Team 5. Al and Colleen Seabrook – 87/81

Team 6. Sparky Gilbeau and Lynn Kolar – 83/84

Team 7. Daryl Craig and Wanda McKinnon DNP/90


Alt - Ken and Suzanne Maheral – 99/90


Thank you to all who participated!




My FM Results from June 14th


Brian and Tracey Wilson - 72

Bob Lemenchick and Lila James - 77

Fred and Judy Hunter - 77

Dave and Brenda Hart - 81

Sparky Gilbeau and Lynn Kolar - 83

Al and Colleen Seabrook - 87

Ken and Suzanne Maheral - 99



2019 Season


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2018 Season


On July 21, the Mississippi myFM team were victorious at Pembroke Shores Golf Club.  The tournament is a mixed event with teams from the Upper Ottawa Valley. Representing Mississippi were Sparky Gilbeau, Jen Hicks, Gayle Stanley, Bob Ridpath, Albert and Colleen Seabrook, Bill and Beth Mason, Gord and Trish Wilson , Rick Udall, Lila James, and Dave and Brenda Hart.

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2016 Season

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2014 Season

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Mixed Gunn Trophy – June 22, 2019



Winners                    Ken & Christine O’Keefe                      63.8 (Net)

Runners-up             Dave & Brenda Hart                               65

2nd Low Net             Daryl Craig & Wanda McKinnon           67.6

1st Low Gross          Brian & Tracey Wilson                          79

3rd Low Net              Bill & Beth Mason                                 67.6

4th Low Net              Fred & Judy Hunter                              67.8

2nd Low Gross         Al & Colleen Seabrook                          81

5th Low Net              Bob Quinn & Sharon Mousseau           68.6

6th Low Net              Blake & Susan Wimperis                     68.6

3rd Low Gross          Rick Udall & Lila James                       84

7th Low Net              Doug & Donna Specht                          69


Skins - $21 each

Bill & Beth Mason – birdies holes 1 and 7

Daryl Craig & Wanda McKinnon – par hole 10

Al & Colleen Seabrook – birdie hole 15

Dave & Brenda Hart – birdie hole 17  


Mixed Gunn Trophy 2020

Final Results


Winners                   Mike & Jean Corbin                                 65 (Net)

Runners-up             Gord Kelly & Sandy Iwaniw                   68.2 (Net)

3rd Low Net              Fred & Judy Hunter                                  69.8 (Net)

1st Low Gross          Al & Colleen Seabrook                            81

4th Low Net              Kevin Murray & Marsha Woodgate    69.8 (Net)

5th Low Net              Stan Loach & Danielle Dube-Loach     71.4 (Net)

2nd Low Gross         Dave & Brenda Hart                                 82

6th Low Net              Don Green & Cam McKinnon                72

7th Low Net              Verne Kawka & Cathy Draper               72.8


Twenty couples played in the Gunn Trophy event this year.  The weather forecast early in the week (for Saturday) was not promising. However for the better part of the day, the weather was good.  Unfortunately the last 3 groups had to finish in the rain.



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Basia Anders and Dennis Beaudoin - 2016 Winners
























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It turned out to be a great weekend, 25 couples participated with Dave and Brenda Hart taking the Low Gross trophy.
Dave and Michele Michaud captured the Low Net Trophy in the closest race ever.
Fantastic weekend. ~ Rick

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Low gross winners


Low net winners: